Meeting Minutes – Sept. 28, 2022

31ST LD DEMOCRATS – Meeting Minutes, SEPTEMBER 28, 2022


Led by Sarah Edwards


Moved by Rudy Adams, Seconded by Ingrid Curtis


Robin Macnofsky not present at meeting – Charlotte Thompson volunteered for minutes

Adoption of July 27 meeting minutes moved by Rudy Adams, seconded by Ingrid Curtis


  • Holly Stanton, candidate for 31st LD Representative, Pos. 1
    • Reported on getting literature prepared, sign-waving event, text bank and phone bank, will be at Game Farm Park
  • Carrie Wilbur, candidate for 31st LD Representative, Pos. 2
    • Has been canvassing with family, need funds for campaign, now has Act Blue account in chat – needs $4000. for signage – link on Act Blue for donations
    • Plans for sign waving on event this Friday – corner of 410 and Sky Island
  • Julian Mydill spoke for Lisa Mannion campaign for King County Prosecutor, Lisa has received numerous Democratic endorsements, participated in several debates, has more forums coming up which will be posted on web site
    • Julian Mydlil | | |
  • Courtney Schumann spoke for Kim Shrier’s campaign – plans more Bonney Lake canvasing events, her seat may determine control of the House next term – need more signs and canvasing in coming weeks (303) 946-5651 let’s get Kim re-elected!

GUESTS (7:30):

  • Letticia Neal, Transportation Div. Mgr.– Pierce County Public Works
    • Spoke on Cannon Road Regional Connection Project
    • Largest PC infrastructure project ever – 3 new bridges, pedestrian transportation elements, and roadways – $200-300 million from multiple sources
    • Project collaborates with other WDOT, City of Fife and other partners around Puyallup river, multi-year project nearing final construction phase
      • Letticia M. Neal, P.E.
      • (253) 798-7041 or
  • Dow Constantine, KC Exec (not present) – Conserve our Futures – YES On Prop. 1 – Guillermo Zazueta campaign manager spoke for Prop 1 which will preserve forests, clean water, green space and farmland for future development – restoring original tax rate to meet climate change needs and conserve environmental resources, see:
  • Campaign has requested 31st DD endorsement


  • July/Aug 2022 report – Rudy Adams presented latest treasury report, several campaign contributions and legal fees reviewed – moved to accept by Brian Gunn and seconded by Ingrid Curtis – report accepted by unanimous consent


  • Chair – Brian stated he was on vacation one week then returned for canvasing for Kim Shrier and other candidates – discussed vote builder resources for group participation in their precincts
  • Vice Chairs (Pierce & King) – Sarah Edwards discussed lists with Amber for Lake Tapps area and will make them for others as needed or requested – Tamara Stramel reported on putting up Patty Murray signs, offered signs to those present – update on Facebook status, Michell has offered to take it over but Facebook does not recognize her – still working on FB functionality
  • Committeepersons (King County, Pierce County, & WA State Dems)
    • Mark Boswell reported on State Central Committee meeting he attended for Brian, discussed high school activist presentation, polls looking positive, and state funding doing well – discussion of high mobilization of women in upcoming election – discussion of bylaws changes to allow virtual meetings at any point for emergency or use of hybrid meetings – state recommends addressing hybrid meetings by Oct 31 – Carrie Wilber put forward and accepted as State Democratic nomination for her position in upcoming election
  • Outreach (Fairs)
  • Event Planning (Fundraising) – Bob Ferguson inquired about interest in fundraising table in November 6, Tacoma Convention Center – some members expressed interest
  • Membership
  • Newsletter/Communication
  • Website/Technology
  • PCO Support & Recruitment


  • Physical meeting location – looking for a new meeting location that is central, has wifi, hold 20 to 40 people and available 7 – 9 pm once a month – please submit ideas to Chair
  • Marc Boswell moved to waive 2 weeks wait requirement for endorsement of Prop One – Ingrid Curtis seconded – vote was unanimously approved by voice vote
  • Mark moved and Ingrid seconded to endorse Proposition 1 – vote was unanimously approved by voice vote


  • Table requests


  • If any


  • Mark moved and Sarah seconded to adjourn – approved by unanimous consent

Respectfully submitted,

Charlotte Thompson, acting Secretary

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