Primary Or Caucus?

You may have heard a little about the debate between a caucus vs. a primary to vote for presidential nominees in Washington state. Democrats have traditionally held caucuses in WA, but that could change by the next presidential election!

From the WA election center website:

“Changes in DNC rules are requiring the Washington State Democratic Central Committee (WSDCC) to reevaluate some of its procedures. At the same time, changes in Washington state’s official primary process have given the WSDCC the opportunity to select either a primary or a caucus to allocate delegates for Democratic presidential candidates. We want to hear from you about whether you would choose a primary or a caucus, and — if you feel like sharing — your reasons for prefering one option over the other. That way the committee members of the WSDCC can make a more informed decision about which process to use.”

Our legislative district has two members on the state central committee that will represent us at the Washington State Democratic Central Committee meeting on April 7, 2019, where the decision of Caucus or Primary will be voted on! As members of our legislative district, you can make your voice heard to the body and help guide their vote!

You can make your voice heard by:


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