Resolution in Support of Governor Inslee’s Carbon Pollution Accountability Act

WHEREAS the release of carbon dioxide and other pollutants is causing devastating and perhaps irreversible harm in our state and around the world, including increasing global temperatures; declining snowpack that reduces water supplies; more frequent and more destructive forest fires; acidification of our waters threatening shellfish populations; and a dangerous increase in asthma, particularly among children in low-income communities; and

WHEREAS industries that emit huge amounts of carbon pollution face no financial responsibility for the damages they inflict on people and the environment; and

WHEREAS establishing a price on carbon will encourage investment in less carbon-intensive alternative energies like solar and wind; and

WHEREAS building a robust alternative energy sector will create living wage jobs for thousands of Washingtonians; and

WHEREAS in 2008 the Legislature of the State of Washington enacted legislation to limit and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases consistent with the emission reductions established in RCW 70.235.020; and

WHEREAS, at the request of Governor Jay Inslee, the Carbon Pollution Accountability Act (CPAA) was introduced in the State Legislature in order to achieve the carbon emission reduction goals established in 2008 under RCW 70.235.020; and

WHEREAS the CPAA would create a market-based program that limits carbon pollution and requires major polluters to pay for their emissions; and

WHEREAS the CPAA would decrease pollution limits gradually over time, allowing industry time to transition to cleaner technologies without undue loss of jobs and profitability; and

WHEREAS the CPAA would generate approximately $1 billion dollars annually, for reinvest-ment by the State toward expanded public transit, education and our social safety net; and

WHEREAS the CPAA contains provisions to protect lower-income families from the financial impacts of transitioning to a clean-energy economy;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we whole-heartedly support our Governor’s proposed program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particularly that embodied in the Carbon Pollution Accountability Act, and urge our State Legislature to adopt it forthwith; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we send copies of this resolution to Governor Jay Inslee and our state legislators as well as to the WSDCC, and urge members of this organization to write or call our state legislators urging passage of the Carbon Pollution Accountability Act.

Adopted March 25, 2015 by 31st Legislative District Democrats

Signed, Mark Boswell, Chair

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