Why Are You a Democrat?

At this time in our country’s history, when what side we’re on truly matters, and when the personal cost of taking sides is so high, I think it’s important that each of us know, truly in our hearts, what our party stands for, and whether it resonates with our core values. It’s time we answer for ourselves: “Why am I a Democrat?”

I am a Democrat because I don’t believe that our nation’s prosperity is a diminishing “pie” that we all must race to grab a piece of. I believe America is more like a potluck – the more people who are invited, the more food there will be to go around.

This belief about prosperity underscores my entire political ideology, and it aligns with the Democratic platform. And so I am a Democrat.

Not because I love Big Government. I don’t believe that government is infallible, but I recognize the power and tendency of corporations, institutions, and the wealthy to oppress, marginalize, and exploit society’s least powerful – and I recognize the unique ability and duty of government to check, reverse, and overturn that oppression.

I am a Democrat not because I love paying taxes. But because I recognize the incalculable return I personally receive on the investment in society that taxes allow: the access to infrastructure, the expectation of safety, health, and prosperity. These things cannot be bought, not even by our wealthiest citizens, yet Republicans constantly pretend a healthy society can be privately paid for.

I am a Democrat because I believe, in my deepest heart of hearts, that we all thrive when everyone’s basic needs are met.

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