How You Can Help: Elect Endorsed Judicial Candidate Karl Williams

The following is a guest post by Alexandria Swanson, Campaign Coordinator for Karl Williams for Pierce County District Court JudgeKarl Williams is running for Pierce County District Court Judge Position No. 6, and he received our endorsement on August 22, 2018.

Judicial races in Washington State face barriers that many political campaigns do not. As a non-partisan race for a position many people do not even realize we elect, it can be difficult to campaign, and even more difficult for voters to  elect a candidate they believe in.

Because of this, Karl Williams’ campaign has focused on interacting with people one on one as much as possible through street fairs, political meetings, and the like. But we need your help to continue the effort! In August, one of Karl’s supporters hosted our first “Coffee with the Candidate” meet and greet. Karl had the chance to meet with a small group of interested voters and talk about why he is running for District Court Judge. Karl had a chance to discuss his passion for the people’s court and how his specific experience has shown him where the district court can be improved!

Events such as these are what run a county wide judicial campaign! Karl loves getting the chance to connect with voters and talk about his love for what he has done for his community as a long-time resident of University Place, an attorney for over 30 years, and a pro-tem (substitute) judge for 22. And of course we at the campaign love the opportunity to watch Karl do what he loves; talk about the district court with interested citizens!

But we need you to help connect more of the citizens of Pierce County with our candidate!

Do you know ten or twenty people you could invite that would be interested in hearing a committed community member discuss how he will affect the District Court as their next Judge? Family members, co-workers, friends? What if two or three people could work together to host an afternoon event?

We at the campaign would love to work together with you to create an event for interested citizens to meet Karl! Utilizing the connections we as members of the community have made can make all the difference in a county wide race. So send us an email, give us a call, or connect with us on Facebook! We can help you plan a candidate meet and greet, and you can help Karl win this election!

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