Presentation on Yes! Pierce Libraries

Here’s video of a presentation from our August general meeting on the Pierce County Library Levy, which will be on ballots in November! We endorsed this levy on August 22.

“Over the past 12 years Piece County’s population has increased 16% while library cardholders have increased 63%. As a result, costs to operate libraries is higher than the property tax revenues that they are currently receiving. Since 2009, the Pierce County Library system has stayed within its operating budget by cutting back on services and deferring maintenance totalling 20 million dollars. These reductions have helped the library stretch its 2006 levy to last twice as long as anticipated, but more funding is required in order to keep up with demand. Without this levy, up to 3 libraries will close and services will decrease up to 21%, including reducing library hours.”

Watch the whole video below for more information and a Q&A!

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