Meeting Minutes – April 26, 2017

31st L.D. Democrats General Meeting
April 26, 2017, 7pm
Edgewood Fire Station

Meeting was called to order at 7pm by Chair Brian Gunn and led Pledge of Allegiance. M/S/C to approve agenda.

Guest Speakers

  • Michelle Rylands, State Senate candidate from Auburn. Law Enforcement and military background; 911 Dispatcher; PTA boards on local & statewide levels; Discussed priorities in education funding & legislation, environment and transportation.
  • Nate Lowry, State Representative candidate from Edgewood.  Small business owner.  Served on Edgewood Planning Council, currently on City Council.  Discussed priorities of preserving quality of life, environmental regulations, tax fairness, Early & K-12 education.
  • Jacob Richardson, Port of Seattle candidate.  Former Policy Analyst.  Concerned about bad press reflecting poorly on port. Wants to stop conflicts being demonstrated ie: Shell vs environment. (Out of chrono order)

Approval of Minutes

Treasurer Report

M/S/C to approve March Treasurer Report as submitted.

Officer Reports


Brian: Now that candidates have declared, we need to pivot to help them!  Begin ID of potential voters to determine political lean & find middle for GOTV; Commit to PCO’s on how to build lists for outreach;  Votebuilder scripts focus on turnout for special election;  Additional resources will be coming from state party;  State Senate seat is critical with focus on 45th and 31st L.D.’s;  State party already contacting our candidates; Phonebank 4/30 at Sumner Library to help with voter ID.

Vice Chairs


State Committee


Sarah: New website is up.  Wave of frivolous PDC complaints against L.D.’s statewide.  King Co. Dems Salmon Bake fundraiser 6/24


Kirby: Peirce Co Dem Committee is working hard to correct the issues that were inherited. Looking for new Treasurer. $4500 was raised from the Fish Fry, despite some supply and quality issues.  Downsizing office. Planning another fundraiser in July. LD 31 is well represented.

The State Committee event in Walla Walla was a great event.  Reorged caucuses.  Kirby now on Disability and Tech Caucuses. Encouraging participation in all caucuses.  “Hero’s Training” was very enlightening on how to message and campaign successfully.  The focus is to run candidates in every open race statewide.  Tech Committee is soliciting innovative ideas and practices from Any source.

Stephanie: Reviewed various resolutions passed during the statewide meeting.

Committee Reports


Donna: Will be recruiting next month to staff Auburn 4th of July & Auburn Days booths.  Still awaiting to hear from Bonney Lake.  Dan will help coordinate for recruitment.  Let Donna know if interested.

Candidate Recruitment

Yes, we did!


Britt (for Angel): Reported some ideas that Angel has proposed and is researching, including family movie nights and silent auctions during candidate forums over the summer.


Sarah: 86 members signed up to date. $2889 raised in dues and $5002 in  open donations.


Angel has said she has speakers lined up for the next three general meetings. TBA.


Allison:  New email server is much cheaper.  Requested standing approval for $7.37/mo to use “Send In Blue” service. M/S/C to fund for the remainder of the calendar year.  She also welcomes any guest bloggers or other contributions.


Daniel:  Has joined the  Tech Committee.  Website is running slow.  Trying a new host to improve.  We currently pay $82.68/yr and new host is $119.40/yr to update. M/S/C to go with upgrade.

Old Business

M/S/C to April: Endorsement of Judge David Mann.

New Business

Science March in Seattle was exciting and well attended.

M/S/C $125 for 2 day Buckley Log Show booth.

M/S/C to adjourn at 9:02pm.

Submitted: Britt Kauffman, Secretary

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