Meeting Minutes – September 26, 2018

 31st L.D. Democrats General Meeting
September 26th, 2018, 7pm
Edgewood Fire Station 

Meeting was called to order at 7pm by Chair Brian Gunn followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Approval of Agenda:

M/S/C to approve the agenda, as amended (Guest speakers added).

Approval of Minutes: (Britt Kauffman)

Treasurer Report: (Rudy Adams)

  • M/S/C to approve as submitted.

Guest Speakers/Campaign Updates:

Officer & Committee Reports:

  • Brian stressed the importance of canvassing and keeping the issues personal to motivate GOTV efforts.
  • Reminded body about timely reimbursements per PDC rules.
  • Announced that George McKay was turning 70 on 10/19 and all were invited to his celebration. Please RSVP.
  • Reported on King Co Dem’s meeting. Rules addressing gender equity were adopted to align with state party. Wishes to address at out reorg meeting.
State Committee:
  • Kirby went to Spokane for the committee meeting. Questions the wisdom of having party event in RTW cities like Spokane. Discussed the composition of and choosing committees.  Much work was accomplished, including review of amendments & Rule changes
  • Donna said the fair booth season has ended and was a success with a lot of positive outreach & engagement at the table.
Pierce County Democrats:
  • Kirby reminded the body of P.C. Fundraiser, 10/20, 6pm @ PLU. $50/ea.
  • Reported contentious meeting regarding attempt to rescind endorsements for Mark Lindquist & Denny Heck. Despite efforts to disrupt process, endorsements were upheld.
King County Democrats:
  • Mark & Sarah reminded the body ballots hit by 10/25. Preparing for reorg on Dec. 8th
  • Alli wished to purchase a dedicated I.P. for NTE $200. M/S/P to purchase. Announced she would regrettably not seek reappointment to position during reorg.

Old Business:


New Business:

Reorganization Meeting:
  • E-Board chose Saturday, Jan. 12 at 11am for the Reorganization meeting at Edgewood Fire Station. This is required every 2 years.  Elected PCO’s vote on Bylaws, Chair, Vice Chair & Dem Organization positions.  Rules for running were reviewed.
  • Volunteers were requested to serve on newly established Ad Hoc Bylaws & Rules committee. M/S/P to form committee with Brian & Alli Pincas (Co-chairs), Robin MacNofsky, Sarah Edwards, Dave Weston.
  • Robin requested support to purchase outreach postcards to supplement canvassing efforts where no contact has been successful. Has a vendor, “Postcards for Washington” to supply handmade postcards and is seeking matching funds for her in-kind donation NTE $500 from each.  M/S/P NTE $500 for purchase of postcards & postage.  There will a writing party on 9/30 at Lake Tapps Resistance.
  • M/S/P for authorization to E-Board for disbursement of campaign funds to candidates as deemed appropriate.
Good & Welfare:
  • Alli: Lorra Jackson requesting texting campaign & info on canvass
  • Diane: L.D. 31 Forum, 10/15 @ Bonney Lake Senior Center
  • Announced that supporter, Sharon Hodgkins had passed away.
  • Election Observation training available on 10/11-12. See Kirby.

M/S/C to adjourn at 9:20pm.

Submitted:  Britt Kauffman, Secretary

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