Full List of Endorsed Candidates in the General Election (Nov. 7, 2017)

Below you will find a list of all the local candidates appearing in the November 7th General Election who have sought, and received, endorsement from the 31st Legislative District Democrats. Please note the following:

1. Clicking a candidate’s name will take you to the questionnaire they filled out on our website.
2. Candidates who received our endorsement but who were eliminated in the August Primary Election are not listed below.
3. Our current bylaws do not prohibit us from endorsing more than one candidate for the same position; this is how we have endorsed both candidates running for King County Sheriff.
4. Further information about our endorsement process can be found in our bylaws (Article VI, especially sections 2 and 4), here.


State Senate LD 31: Michelle Rylands

State House LD 31 (pos. 2): Nate Lowry

Washington State Court of Appeals Judge (Div. I): David Mann

Port of Seattle Commission (pos. 1): Ryan Calkins

Port of Seattle Commission (pos. 4): Peter Steinbrueck

Port of Tacoma Commission (pos. 2): Noah Davis

King County Sheriff: Mitzi Johanknecht

King County Sheriff: John Urquhart

King County Council (Dist. 9): Denice Carnahan

Mayor of Auburn: Nancy Backus

Auburn City Council (pos. 6): Larry Brown

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