Meeting Minutes – April 25, 2018

31st L.D. Democrats General Meeting
April 25th, 2018, 7pm
Edgewood Fire Station 

Meeting was called to order at 7pm by Chair Brian Gunn followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  M/S/C to approve agenda.

Approval of Minutes: (Britt Kauffman)

Treasurer Report: (Rudy Adams)

  • M/S/C to approve as submitted.

Consideration of Standing Rules for endorsements:

8th C.D. Candidate Forum: (Regular Business suspended, per agenda)

  • Kim Schrier
  • Jason Rittereiser
  • Shannon Hader

(Forum can be viewed at: )

New Business:

  • Rhonda Laumann, Candidate, KCDC Pos. 6 addressed the body. M/S/P to endorse.

Good of the Order:

M/S/C to adjourn at 9:15pm.

Submitted: Britt Kauffman, Secretary

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